Manos de Maíz

Fire, Water, Air, Earth y Space

Nourishing Manos Communities Through Maíz

Meet Socorro "coyo" García

Following maíz by planning, strategizing, organizing, and mobilizing humanity within Manos racialized communities.

Manos y Maíz

By and for the people of corn who use manos (hands) to communicate and live through maíz (corn) to re-remember the land of our Indigenous ancestors.

A Sense of Belonging

From maíz seeds of inspiration and connection, a sense of belonging emerges to support the transformation through visionary and collaborative approach.


A Year Without Social Media: Self-Healing


Manos de Maíz Development Communities

Collective Initiatives

Small Business Owned

Xicana Indigena Queer Deaf
M.A. in Chicanx Studies, 2020

Social Media Connections

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